Library of Kia'Amat

an In-Game Library for the NERO International Game System





These libraries are designed to be in game for all players of the NERO International Game System except where otherwise explicitly clarified as OOG. They represent an ongoing effort to organize information about chapters and lands both still in existence and long gone. What I love most about NERO is its extensive collaborative creative mind – thousands of people have authored a rich tapestry of living game history, and I’m honored to be a part of that process. Too much has been lost through the years and I hope to archive as much of what remains as possible. While I have made strong attempts to remove OOG references and to credit appropriate sources where found, I have gone through literally tens of thousands of pages of materials and am likely to have missed things. If you notice something wrong, please let me know OOG at If a chapter’s plot team member believes something is public which should not be, I need to know! If I have failed to credit someone who should have credit, my profuse apologies – please contact me immediately. Feel free to send additional content that you would like included in the collective. While I have begun with the histories of lands, I will be adding maps and newspapers next and other bits and pieces as I sort through the mayhem that is my filing system. Enjoy!